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tv   Doc Film - Absurdistan - Indias Crazy Northeast  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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just the seventy seven percent w.'s platform for africa charge of freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended and knew. all over the world are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. it's one of the most fascinating and all known regions on earth for a long time it was sealed off from the rest of the world plagued by rebellions and terror foreigners needed special permits to enter the region.
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but now peace is gradually returning and visitors are welcome again to a place where contrasting cultures collide sometimes with observed consequences. it's a world with a huge diversity of animal life breathtakingly beautiful landscape and numerous idiosyncracies. the north east is linked to the rest of india by a narrow corridor and only because the former british colonial rulers wanted it that way it was a purely political decision. this region of india has more in common with its neighbors bhutan china myanmar and bangladesh the facial features of the people for
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example. you know call us chinese and they're called us to call us his taxi you know that the way to their attitude was are a little bit different this young woman lives in one of the seven northeastern states also known as the seven sisters together they form an area slightly smaller than germany with a population of around fifty million people ms around the smallest state is home to around one million most of the inhabitants belong to the mizo ethnic group they prefer to live soley amongst themselves it didn't work out you know so we have the option of joining me in mar and india and that's the only option we have if we had we would have an option to be and autonomy and know being our own separate country i think that's what we want to move. that's what everybody dreams of i think but that's that's possible. we only dare to believe that.
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it's sunday morning service is being held in one of the many churches the mizo christians that too distinguishes them from the rest of india which is dominated by hindu ism and the neighboring countries where buddhism and islam a more prevalent. one of the people here is the chief minister of ms around once he led a violent rebellion for an independent state now he's a man of peace he and the other mito people accept the central indian government as long as it is in turn respects their culture and faith there are more than two hundred different tribes all with their own languages and traditions among the other major tribes here. other nagas in the state of nagaland. they to attend church on sundays namely the baptist church the nagar people have been baptist
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since their ancestors came into contact with american missionaries they're not just take their face seriously just like they took their natural religion and customs in the past some of those customs were very bloodthirsty such as head hunting quite literally. was. the old naga as a proud to call themselves the last living head hunters it's been more than sixty years since our zing and his fellow fighters regularly attacked neighboring villages and returned with severed heads. and do i regret it i know and that's just what it was like our enemies qatar hats off to if they got their hands on us. we did it to demonstrate our strength from
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recovered. at that one tattoo for every three heads asing has several including on his face and his wife i'm not remembers those times well and how she trembled when her husband went off to fight. i was always extremely relieved when my husband returned with the other five times and they carried the hands of their enemies and trophies and afterwards we had large celebrations with the village chief. this is the current village chief he only knows about this headhunting tradition from stories he inherited the job of chief from his father nothing happens in the village without his consent he's advised by the village elders that's one of the customs that survived just like the chiefs favorite hobby smoking opium that's not allowed in
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india and isn't exactly christian either but never mind. the symbol in the india is the country we belong to how would we have a different identity. we feel like not. we speak our own language. we have our own customs our own history and we have no grounds to be ashamed of that. and then the chief leads us to the edge of the village to show was the grisly legacy of his ancestors. below the treetops there's a kind of mass grave it's impossible to say whether the skulls are those of enemies or their own people. and krrish on number on the question. it was the custom at the time to leave the bodies out in the one month.
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usually below tree. line moment we only learn to bury our dead and the kind when we became christians. that we look. at the way. it took some time until our zing in the other naga has learned to forego violence after the end of british colonial rule they fought for their own state they achieved partial independence nagaland as a federal state within india now there's peace but other parts of northeast india are anything but idyllic. money poor a neighboring state is in crisis it too is home to many nagas but they are in the minority here they are fighting for more rights the indian security forces are fighting back these confrontations often end with they toilet is.
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a memorial service for eight victims naga those who were killed during demonstrations and are now honored as martyrs their coffins have been on public display for five hundred and forty nine days. and yet once there was. so my nephew and others took to the street to protest against an unjust law. the police opened fire and shot into their kids and. the signs read stop discrimination the nodders are protesting against the law that curtails their old property rights. at least the protests now while noisy remain peaceful. the music played here is very different. darya is another states in the northeast there was unrest here too but it is being
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overcome not least thanks to this group they're most likely india's best known classical music ensemble on their way to rehearsal they want to create peace through music in the beginning i did it more for therapy i felt it was good for the young people who were involved me to get out of this whole darkness that was going around and government to something beautiful like creating music. that was fifteen years ago choirmaster neil had just returned from studying in england when he found his home in a state of near civil war but the idea of starting a chamber choir at just that time was not that far fetched. me it's very much ingrained in us. for example i grew up being exposed to music since i was in great two. and began singing
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in school in church so so that i think it's the same for everyone here in this predominately hindu. and when you look at the cult of. hindu culture is they don't have the singing culture of a christian community which is you go to church and that's where you you think you know even the american citizen most of them started. soprano every issue is one of the back. but nobody here has as and graces all the choir has won many awards including first prize on the television show india's super talent performances with cheering fans and big old histories followed.
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can surround off the choir rehearses a new composition a mix of indian film music classical music and pop music to show that contrasts can also result in harmony. in. the neighboring village also has western influences to get there we have to cross this bridge it's made of the roots of huge rubber trees the locals call it the living bridge nobody quite knows how old it is probably way over two hundred years it's unlikely though it will last that long again the number of tourists crossing it is growing all the time. they're on their way to a different even bigger attraction to be found in the middle of the rainforest close to the border with bangladesh. the cleanest village not just in india but in
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the whole of asia. a major travel magazine gave mali known this title what's striking about the place is what's absent there's no garbage lying around instead there are many trash baskets . the most important mission for the five hundred residents is to keep their village clean. any even clear we are out every day to clean the streets the tourists create the most or they carelessly throw their plastic away we were raised very differently wish now you didn't quite get there proud of the squeaky clean image garbage free streets aren't exactly something india is known for what's the difference in mali nunc tourist guide ricky has answers even the youngest in mali known learn where to put garbage
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and why not we start from school and then we start at home and then in the church they use are teachers seen we are small like even the small kids here. they have to take a spontaneity since we are very small every like one plastic troll in the ground even the elder will come to slap us. the people of mali known don't want to lose that title there is competition from surrounding villages they too are paying more and more attention to cleanliness. the name of the state of meghalaya means land where the clouds live but my goliah has another unofficial soubriquet the land of women because the kazi tribe which is dominant here values women more than men.
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and. miles in ram is one of the many villages where women rule the roost it's also the wettest village in the world it has the greatest amount of precipitation but it's currently the dry season there's dry straw outside the houses it's made into brooms it's a booming business in this area and it's entirely in the hands of women. they are in charge of property in the kazi tribe and they pass it on to their daughters when qazi women marry their husbands move in with them their children get the woman surname. the i have a key ally it's logical women carry children around for nine months so they should have our name i think it's good that we have the say would not have. but not when it comes to politics that's men's work even among the kazi everywhere
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else the men play a subordinate role in public life. some work on the fields or they work in areas requiring a lot of physical strength but otherwise i don't know you couldn't teach. that. the parents tend to want girls. completely the opposite of the rest of india where female fetuses are often aborted because of their sex. that would be unthinkable among the kazi. they care a lot about educating their daughters. what happens if a cause a woman marries a man from a different tribe that. he never had i did. then he should still take my name and accept that my daughter will inherit everything in the future yes
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no it is us i wouldn't accept anything else. in the larger kazi towns there are now men protesting against this but here in this village there's no sign of protest the men and these teenagers have accepted that they play second fiddle. already sisters introduced this system. it's just how it tastes the men. but cause the men aren't blindly obedient to their women. i'm divorced my wife didn't have children so i left her. life isn't easy for kasi women either the monsoon rains are around the corner then the village will flood when the water recedes they'll be a lot of repair work. the women in northeast india have to be robust
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not least in assam the largest state in the northeast. she's robust in quite a bizarre way an undated daughter is the hottest woman in the world the chili queen as she calls herself because she holds the world record in eating spicy food she has no problem chewing up the hottest chillies. she likes to show her visitors her certificates and video footage of her most spectacular stunts. here she can be seen on british television eating fifty chiles and rubbing another twenty five in her eyes. the result is cult status not hospitalisation. how does she do it. i don't already when i was five i got an inflamed tongue my mother heard somewhere that
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chilies would help so she rubbed them on my tongue for days since then i've been immune to the spice of a. plan and data took the world record with a chilly variety that only grows in northeast india and was considered the hottest of them all until recently the jockey here is five hundred times as hot as tabasco sauce growers like these two men like this chili plant but they're also in all of it. is calling us from a. while the ghost chili is still an insider tip in the rest of the world there's one plant from a sound that is popular around the globe the tea plant whose leaves are popular the world over. the hot and humid climates is ideal for this plant but strenuous for the millions working on the plantations. t.
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workers are demonstrating at the side of the street for higher wages their own hunger strike inspired by peace campaigner mahatma gandhi one of them is department a social worker and the son of tea workers. the company. makes the money. handling like twelve. but those people having just been these people who are working on. the workers go out on to the fields in the early morning and work hard until the afternoon they earn around fifty euros per month that's just enough for the bare minimum of food out people who want to get anything from this whatever that are useless they will last quality t.
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they still get good quality that goes for their broad what businesses and they want i want the people who are they want to get in the. best. most plantation workers are social outcasts their ancestors came from central india they were recruited there because the locals refused to work for these wages twenty three year old vishnu has to feed a family of five from his meager pay he's a hindu and hopes he'll be reborn into a better life. happy. new to both of you everything's pre-determined it's calm i can't change anything about the majority telling you. but vishnu and his wife have a wish that their children's karma is better than their own. i hope they'll find a better job. one person who managed to get out his her
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munt his parents worked on a tea plantation to like them he works in the fresh air but his tastes of freedom he works in cause he rang a national park for animal lovers it's one of the most fascinating places in the whole of asia. i've always been interested in animals and that's why you're trying to become a national park i. am. the mountains particularly familiar with the most popular park inhabitant the indian rhino there are more of them here than anywhere else in the world the marshy grassland is ideal for them not long ago they were threatened with extinction poachers sold their homes to other countries. much is
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being done for their protection their numbers have doubled in the past twenty years to two in all thousand. that's why more and more tourists come from where you make up all. the indian rhino is more than just a tourist attraction many people in the northeast feel a connection to these animals the director of the national park explains why. independent. of the starting six long. there are to be people and. this is not me. but even. with the new research. the rhino principle we won't hurt you as long as you leave us alone has been adopted by some wild groups in the northeast. where this
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report started is home to one family living on the edge of a mountain village it's not just any old family it's the biggest in the world for some it's the peak of absurdity because it turns on its head much that is accepted in the area. is having breakfast with some of his wives he has thirty nine in total and ninety four children. once grandchildren great grandchildren and spouses are counted the family has almost two hundred members. zoner sets the rotor the wives cook the daughters and daughters in law clean. the men make furniture and the profits feed the family. so i own a base is the right to take multiple wives on the bible. or
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a net the bible says love thy neighbor and i take that very seriously i love all my wives that's christian and in my outer till. i only sees himself as a kind of profit he says he got permission to be polygamous from god himself he assures us he hadn't intended to marry this many women he just struggles to say no . i'm the one who all these women came to me and wanted to marry me and they proposed to me i couldn't reject them. what do the other villages say. some are glad that their villages achieved international fame thanks to zona you know. but the local clergyman aren't happy about the polygamist cult. but good when it's running your wondered when i
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think this violates human rights particularly women's rights the government should forbid it. and indeed what zion are is doing isn't allowed in india but the authorities don't want to start a battle with the family they fear an uprising they've had enough of that in the northeast. not far away in miserrimus capital people are celebrating the biggest festival of the year the spring festival it's a mix of heat and dances christian songs traditional costumes and modern technology . it is like all of north east india a world of soup and absurdities but also a world of everyday jollity. it's also a world of contradictions in the past these often lead to violence now they
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mostly blow over. the be. above. the. law but.
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the be the be. the be. mysterious storyteller. the be a struggle for survival i am marks twenty one presents share is on. the symphonic suite find nikolai verse the korsakov i am. thirty minutes on.
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the dangerous battle for images. five women. exceptional stories female sailor i want to look at. nothing more easy calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing. full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up dying or playing women or photographers starting may third on d w. it's all happening to children coming. your link to news from africa the world your link to it simpson these stories and discussions continue and we'll come to the defense after coming program tonight from funny to me from the news it's easy to
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know why i would say defeated coop's much africa joined us on facebook at g.w. africa. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history started on talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it special difficult for can become drugs i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making a name for themselves all over the. song live along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom of the sons is large experience of. your care visits but your call come about coal. mining business in florida and i work you know but.
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you're watching the news live from berlin after airstrikes the u.s. threatens further action against syria's leadership i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded us ambassador nikki haley with a clear message to the united nations that as the security council rejects russian resolution to condemn the western missile attack on alleged chemical.


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